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Building a nation of Future-Ready students

Building a nation of Future-Ready students

As an educator, you strive to mold your students into bright, responsible individuals. And as our country grows, so does your responsibility. By 2020, India will have the world’s largest young workforce. How many of them are employable? How many are getting into fields they actually enjoy and are good at? And how many are simply selecting a path that’s ‘secure’ or ‘financially beneficial’ in the long run?

For years, we’ve been prioritizing stability and security over interests when it comes to choosing a career. Up until a few years ago, the career you chose wasn’t likely to evolve at the frenzied pace it is currently going through. Today, the Technological Revolution is well underway and changing the way we approach jobs. A study by the World Economic Forum revealed that by 2022, nearly one-fifth of the world’s workforce will feel the impact of AI-related advancements in their workplace. Does it still make sense to prioritise ‘stability’ over interests, when just about every career could drastically transform thanks to technological advancements?

Think back to a time just ten years ago, when Instagram didn’t exist. Today, marketers use it as one of their primary platforms for reaching out to the youth. Instagram has made it easier for brands to directly connect with their audience, and relatively simpler for just about anyone to start and grow a business online! It gave rise to a whole new breed of celebrities – ‘influencers’ whose opinions on the latest trends are religiously followed by their thousands of followers. That’s just one social media platform, which only came to life towards the end of 2010. Now think about all the technological revolutions and innovations that spring up on an almost-daily basis. Are your students aware of how their future is rapidly evolving? We don’t think so.

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